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Magic vs. Sixers in More Hilarious Summer League Action Thread

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Games on Games on Games, man. The Sixers play their penultimate game of the Orlando Summer League by playing the home team, the Magic. They've been led by St. Bonaventure big man Andrew Nicholson, who is averaging 18 and 7 thus far this week. We'll also get a peek at our favorite Irishman named Kyle this side of McAlarney, Kyle O'Quinn. Also Magnum Rolle and Ish Smith, who once gave Tanner the finger at an Wake/Maryland game, if I recall correctly.

For the Sixers, I'd guess Moe Harkless will sit again. Arnett Moultrie is out, but no word on which of Lavoy Allen, Nikola Vucevic, and Jacob Pullen will play. That just means more Justin Holiday! JuHo has averaged 15 and 7 in his three games after being a late addition to the Sixers squad. I really can't imagine he doesn't make this team, especially if Andre Iguodala does indeed get traded.

Still holding out hope for Terrence Jennings and Jon Scheyer to have big games, but I'd settle for zero minutes from Clay Tucker. He is the bane of my Summer League existence. Let's get to 2-2!

In other fun news, I'm picking Tanner up from LAX in 45 minutes. He'll likely have to wait hours at baggage claim while his piles and piles of shoes make their way to the roundy-round and I can guarantee he'll hum Miley Cyrus at least 80% of the ride home. I'll keep you posted on our misadventures leading up to our road trip from LA to Vegas tomorrow afternoon. Hot damn.