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Barring Andre Iguodala Trade, Lavoy Allen Will Start at Power Forward

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Mini Lavoy. Hey look at Mini Spencer back there!
Mini Lavoy. Hey look at Mini Spencer back there!

It seems like the smoke is finally starting to clear in this wild ride of free agency. The Sixers really only have one more move they can make outside of a few minimum signings to fill out the roster (backup point guard, specifically). That move just happens to be trading away their best player and current Olympian, Andre Iguodala. Though as each day passes, that seems a bit less likely. Meaning Lavoy Allen is currently the starting power forward.


Formerly known as the worst player in the NBA, Lavoy Allen came on with a decent season last year, surprising many with a solid performance in the Celtics series guarding Kevin Garnett. But he's never been anything more than a role player at any level (high school and college) and doesn't have much more upside other than that of a backup big on a good team. He's simply not a starting-caliber center on a team that hopes to contend. Luckily, that's not next year's Sixers.

Collins is a big fan of Thaddeus Young coming off the bench and I can't say I disagree with him. Without Louis Williams, the bench will need a little scoring help outside of Nick Young. Also, the bench needs as many Young's as possible. The only other options to start at the 4 would be rookies Arnett Moultrie and Moe Harkless, who isn't really a power forward yet. I'm sure Moultrie will get plenty of minutes this year, but I highly doubt Doug would start him over Lavoy.

The free agent scraps in the power forward market are quite scrappish, and even if there were decent options, I don't care to give anyone more than a one-year deal anyway. If the alternative were a free agent signing, I'm happy with Lavoy starting. But to me, the alternative is an Iguodala trade, and that is more appealing. Not because Iguodala is bad or the team would be better without him -- you know we don't think that's the case -- but because a full shift of the balance of power to Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday can't happen with Andre here.

Two years is as far as the new regime is willing to go with contracts these days and, yes, Iguodala does expire in two years. But it seems much more prudent to move him for expiring contracts and a pick or some young assets instead of just letting him walk. He has a ton of value and they would be smart to cash in on that rather than having him Andre Miller his way out the door.

Who cares who starts when they're just treading water until they can make a big free agent splash or strike gold in the draft? I'd be happy with Lavoy starting next to Spencer Hawes (lol), just not at the expense of an Iguodala trade, which is paramount in turning the page to the next era of Sixers basketball.