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Orlando Summer League: Sixers Beat Nets, Tree Falls in Forest

Yes, that's Brandon Bass' junk.
Yes, that's Brandon Bass' junk.

Since the higher-ups at NBA TV felt it more important to show Team USA practicing than the highly important summer league action between the Brooklyn Nets and random players with Sixers jerseys, the game was on tape-delay later. And by that point, I was already too invested in old nWo clips to seriously get anything from the game. Summer League, man.

I did see Justin Holiday do a lot more shooting, as without Jacob Pullen, it was up to him to shoulder most of the load in the scoring department. And he responded, going 6-13 (and 4-4 from deep) for 18 points in a 27-minute run. Guys, he's making the team. Holiday Bros for life.

We also saw the return of a super-casual Lavoy Allen, having just signed his official contract officially, in his first summer league action. Lavoy, as he is wont to do, played to his competition (in this case, down to it), letting the game happen around him and not blowing anyone away. 3-10 shooting, 6 points, 6 assists, 4 boards, 2 blocks. As we've seen at Pennsbury and Temple, Lavoy just isn't the guy that's going to dominate any competition. But it's his first action in a while, so we'll give him a pass. Oh and he announced on Twitter that he'd never been to Chipotle before. As a former Moe's Southwest Grill employee and Baja Fresh frequenter (today, actually!), I can say there's certainly better fast food alternatives, Lavoy. But check it out anyway. Get the chicken bowl.

Clay Tucker still reeks.

Xavier Silas played more under control today and you gotta figure he makes the team as well. Zack Rosen got 17 minutes and finished at a +19 with 6 points and 6 assists, a few of which went to JuHo for threes. The Queen Regent led all players with a +22 of his own. I really want him to make the team just for that alone. Terrence Jennings did nothing and the dream is over.

Back to nWo clips it is!