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Brooklyn Nets vs. Sixers in Orlando Summer League Day 3 Thread


I'm going to have to keep saying "Brooklyn Nets" if I'm going to remember they're not New Jersey anymore. It would probably have been more helpful if Jay-Z made them the Brooklyn Hovas. Welp, we've got another Orlando Summer League game, only this time the Sixers are without almost everyone remotely interesting.

Moe Harkless is out with a hip flexor, Arnett Moultrie with an ankle sprain, Nikola Vucevic with a strained Achilles, and now Jacob Pullen with a sprained ankle as well. Hopefully Lavoy Allen will see some time considering he's legally allowed to be there now that the moratorium has been lifted. His wrist probably hurts from contract signing, but word is he'll play.

So who do we care about? I suppose we'll get to see a bit more of Zack Rosen, which is nice. Justin Holiday should be on full-BOSS mode with Xavier Silas, who has been sloppy so far. I'm still hoping for a few more Terrence Jennings moves and you just know Solomon Jones is going to make this team so expect more of his badness. I want to see Jon Scheyer get hot. That'd sure be nice.

On the Brooklyn side of things (BROOKLYN WHERE YOU AT), we've got Adam Morrison! Jeff Foote! MarShon Brooks! Edwin Ubiles! Notre Dame's own Carlton Scott! Wichita State's Garrett Stutz! Former Florida point guard who my friend's brother once scored 73 points with on College Hoops 2k8, Taurean Green! Can it get more exciting than this?