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July 11th Moratorium Lifted, Adam Aron Can Tweet Again

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Spencer Hawes signing his 2-year contract.
Spencer Hawes signing his 2-year contract.

In one of the silliest and most arbitrary things to happen to the NBA since the term "competitive balance" was instituted in the basketball lexicon, there was a 10-day period of limbo where free agency moves could be announced but not "official". So today, finally, things can be made official as the moratorium has been lifted to much balloonage and fanfare. That means all the Sixers moves (Nick Young, Elton Brand, Dorell Wright, Spencer Hawes) and non-moves (Jodie Meeks, Lou Williams) can be super-official like. Cool.

There is the chance that a few signings have slipped through the cracks, but I'd bet our nation's ace team of reporters have pretty much gotten them all. I'm excited to see who bids on Elton. He's still a very good player (especially on defense) that can really contribute to a team that needs him. Also curious to know how much he'll get. Most amnesty guys were pretty untouched, but I'd bet Chevy gets a few decent bids out of it.

The July 11th moratorium also means that owners/coaches/GMs/etceteras can comment on player movement now that everything's out in the open. You know what that means. Adam Aron tweets and player intros all day. We've got some after the jump.

Note that neither the words "young and exciting" are nowhere to be found ("younger" doesn't count) The best thing I can take out of this is the short-term contracts resulting in financial flexibility. Regardless of the guys they currently have on the team, there's no question they have made themselves more flexible (stretching is important) with the moves and non-moves that they've made this summer so far.

His other words do jive with what Jordan wrote about last night. They aren't going to full-on rebuild, but they're signing guys to shorter contracts so they can make a bigger splash when the time is right. Clearly, Aron is either still hoping or pretending to be confident that these Sixers will be at least decent next year. He can't say anything different, so I wouldn't take too much out of that.

What these means for an Andre Iguodala trade? No clue. I'll be keeping both eyes on the press conference later to be sure. Tom Moore tells us via email from Rod Thorn that he's "probably not" trading for a power forward. But as I've said, I don't know how they can keep Andre, so there's always the chance he's being intentionally cryptic.

Food for thought as we can finally see some contracts signed.