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Sixers Trade Probably Edin Bavcic for Definitely Dorell Wright

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So the Sixers traded for Dorell Wright. Who did they trade? Well, extensive google searching tells us what we think is true maybe possibly. The only Sixers international guy still with the team (sorta) is Edin Bavcic, who was drafted in the second round way, way, way back in the 2006 draft when we got Rodney Carney, who was decidedly not Thabo Sefolosha. Bavcic is a 6'9 forward who I only remembered because his name is catchy. Edin Bavcic. See?

Dorell has one year left on his deal, worth $4.1M. If the Sixers have give or take $11M left before the cap, that leaves them with not enough money to sign anyone to a fat long-term deal. That would be pretty great news, considering their options are way limited. Another wing on a one-year deal would be perfect because he's young and if he plays well, I'm happy to sign him to a longer deal next year into free agency.

Again, this has to mean an Andre Iguodala trade is imminent. They simply can't have this many wings. I don't think it's permissible by law (dweeb?). I have to think they're looking for a power forward out of the deal, which sorta rules out Pau Gasol. Especially since the Lakers are tied up with all the Dwight Howard stuff, I don't think it's Gasol anymore. They're definitely not after Kris Humphries, as the beats reported, and there's not much left other than a short Carl Landry deal. My frontrunner for Iguodala is Utah. Either Paul Millsap or Enes Kanter. We'll see what else happens.

This can only be seen as a good move. That can vary from meh to fantastic, but considering who we traded (my butt) for a productive, youngish wing on a small contract that fills a need, it's terrific value for the Sixers. I'm pumped, you're pumped, now let's make sure we traded Edin Bavcic and not someone else awesome we forgot about. At least this gave us the opportunity to bring up Efthimios Rentzias again. And yes, I spelled his name correctly without looking.