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Sixers to Acquire Dorell Wright from Golden State for Stashed Euro

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Apparently Dei Lynam reported it live on Daily News Live (live) but I hesitated to report it until other people confirmed. I'll chalk it up to a rumor right now. [UPDATE: It's been confirmed] Dei has reported at CSN Philly that the Sixers will trade a future pick for Golden State Warriors wing Dorell Wright, a guy I've liked for a while. Depending on what the pick is, this could be a great deal for the Sixers. A coup, even!

UPDATE!!! "The Warriors are not getting a future pick for DWright. They are getting a player Philly previously drafted and stashed overseas". This would be huge. I can only think of if Edin Bavcic is still alive? Efthimios Rentzias? Who knows. GREAT NEWS THOUGH. Earlier below.

Dorell Wright came out of high school way back in 2004, actually the year before Lou Williams was drafted. He languished in Miami for a bunch of years, getting injured and dishing out Gatorade at random intervals, until he finally went to Golden State to have very solid success in his first year there. He averaged 16 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists playing in the dynamic Warriors offense with a pretty low usage rate. Last year wasn't as kind to him as Brandon Rush and Klay Thompson ate at his minutes, but he was still effective on offense, with a true shooting percentage of 55.3%. He's a career 36.5% shooter from beyond the arc and shoots foul shots a nice clip as well.

What this means is that Andre Iguodala, seriously this time, is gone. Like, mostly gone. Not all the way gone. But mostly gone. With Nick Young signed and Moe Harkless drafted, there simply isn't much room at the wing position for Andre to be Andre. I have to imagine they're trying to move him for a power forward. Dorell should do well next to Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday. As an overall player, he can do more things than Jodie Meeks but still gives you that floor spacing that Doug Collins loves.

All this depends on the pick though. If it's unprotected next year, I'll be pretty bummed. Remember that the Arnett Moultrie pick we got from the Miami Heat is protected in '13, '14, and '15 by the lotto. Then it turns into two second rounders in '15 and '16. With that in mind, I'm really hoping this is just a regular old second round pick next year. That would be phenomenal value for a guy like Wright. Here's to hoping.

We'll have more on this as it comes in. As of now, treat it as a rumor with delicate, delicate fingers.