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Lou Williams Signs With Atlanta, Bossiness Ensues in the A-T-L

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I'm on the Hawks now where's Kirk Hinrich!
I'm on the Hawks now where's Kirk Hinrich!

If I could've guessed one destination for free agent Louis Williams regardless of need or money and simply thought about metaphors and swagger, it would definitely have been the Atlanta Hawks. Brian Windhorst of ESPN has reported that, well, that's the case. This means, definitively, that Lou will not be with the Sixers next season. Seriously, officially, he's not a Sixer.

Lou joins at Atlanta team that is sort of rebuilding, having just given up Joe Johnson and his contract to the Brooklyn Nets for a bunch of old tires and stuff. There's actually a decent chance Atlanta starts Lou, an ATL native, at the shooting guard position next season. They drafted John Jenkins out of Vanderbilt but I don't know that they see him coming off the bench or contributing right away. Lou starting would be something else though. Especially next to Jeff Teague. Hm.

Lou was with the Sixers since 2005 but with the Nick Young signing, they surprisingly said they'd let him walk. Their plan isn't exactly known yet, but it's slowly coming into focus. Step One was GET LESS BOSSY. We'll see what happens after this. Good luck to Lou, who should have a huge fanbase with the Hawks organization, those who invented mediocrity. Can't wait to see how this turns out.