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Alec Burks Dominates, Moe Harkless Hurt as Jazz Beat Sixers in Actually Watchable Summer League Game

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Not Jrue.
Not Jrue.

It's usually pretty unfair when NBA guys in their second or third year dabble in the Summer League to get a bit of seasoning. Alec Burks was hardly excellent last year with the Utah Jazz but in today's game, he showed why he was drafted and most of these guys were not. Burks scored 31 points (!) on 14 shots (!!!) including a 10-11 clip from the foul line. That's efficiency. Nobody could stop him attacking the lane and he kept Utah ahead on the way to a 84-80 victory.

Moe Harkless injury

It was reported a few days ago that Moe was day-to-day with a hip flexor strain but he played in game one anyway. Though he came out with a bit more pop in this one, it was short-lived, as he began limping up the court and was pulled soon after. He did have a nice little inside move before hitting the showers, and I'm excited to see what a healthy Moe can bring us. Take the rest of the week off, please. Between he and Poultry, there's not much reason for the casual fan to watch these games. But we're insane, so analysis of meaningless games after the jump.

Potential Roster Spot Takers

It seems like Justin Holiday is hell-bent on making this team. While he hasn't been quite efficient, he has certainly made up for that in aggressiveness. He led all players with 17 shot attempts on the day. He was 0fer from beyond, but had a few really nice moves to the basket that got him to the foul line and some decent midrange attempts that found twine. All told, 16 points and 7 boards. With his length and defense, there's really no reason he shouldn't make this team in a reserve role and take all of Sam Young's minutes (and hopefully more once Andre Iguodala is moved).

Jacob Pullen also made his presence felt on the day, getting the start over the miserable Clay Tucker and taking advantage. He's clearly a shoot-first point guard but on a team full of poor shooters, that may not be the worst thing. He scored 23 points on 14 shots, going 4-7 from beyond the arc in the process with 4 assists to boot. Clearly they can cherrypick from other teams if other summer league guys impress, but I can't imagine they don't try to get Pullen a camp invite to have him backing up Jrue Holiday for 5-10 minutes per game. He can move off the ball when Evan Turner runs the point. Also, beard.

Solomon Jones is bad. He didn't play awful today, but considering he's an NBA veteran getting beaten inside by guys named Salah Mejri, it's concerning. I'd wager he has a good shot at making the team in the Tony Battie Memorial Roster Spot but it would severely depress me to take him over some other players with a modicum of upside. Michael Eric, even.

Cersei Lannister

The Queen Regent hit the boards hard but couldn't get any stops on the defensive end and is unlikely to make the team.

Big Men We Can Pry Off The Jazz

In this aptly-named sub-heading, Enes Kanter was a guy we've talked about a lot over the past several months as someone that could come back here in an Iguodala trade. He's still super raw and sort of grunty, but Enes (rhymes with Penis) had a solid 10 points on 9 shots and 8 boards. Still has a decent little jumper and one or two post moves he relies heavily on, but he'll need to diversify his repertoire if he has a chance at succeeding against half-decent defenders.

Did Clay Tucker Play

No, thank God. Screw that guy. But Justin Williams did, and in less than 5 minutes, he turned the ball over thrice and picked up two fouls with no shot attempts and a -10 differential.

Summer League Fun Facts From The Broadcast Table

Kendall Gill used to have his candy stolen at practice as a rookie by Muggsy Bogues.

Holding Out Hope For Terrence Jennings

He had two really nice moves today! I was impressed! Everything else he did was awful. Not giving up hope yet, TJ.


So even in the Summer League, the Sixers still can't close out games. Game Three is against the Brooklyn Nets tomorrow. Hopefully they won't lose again!