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Sixers Sign Lavoy Allen to 2-Year, $6 Million Deal

He's also a midget now.
He's also a midget now.

Everyone, breathe. After Lavoy Allen's huge (relatively) playoffs where the rookie out of Temple was easily the Sixers best big man, people were lamenting Rod Thorn failing to give the 2nd round draft pick a team option at least for his second year. But no fear, Woj reports that the Sixers have locked Lavoy up on the first day of free agency to a two-year deal, worth $6 million bones.

The previously-ranked worst player in the NBA figured to make himself a pretty penny this offseason after that terrific Celtics series blanketing (compared to Spencer Hawes) Kevin Garnett most of the game. But the Sixers remained confident they would sign him and this is a very, VERY fair deal. The kind of deal that says they didn't overreact and panic after the strong playoffs. The kind of deal that says Lavoy probably took a hometown discount because the kid wants to stay in Philly (Pennsbury, Temple, Sixers).

I still don't think Chips will ever be a starting-caliber center on a really good basketball team, but this is great value for a reserve in any market. This signing doesn't say to me that it's 100% certain Spencer Hawes will be gone, though it's obviously more likely now that another big man is in the fold. Including Elton Brand, who I highly doubt will be amnestied, that's 4 bigs for the Sixers already. Retaining Hawes to maintain so much mediocrity up front doesn't seem like something they're interested in.

Either way, great move resigning Lavoy to a fair deal. Check-Plus for the first move of free agency. Now please return to your regularly scheduled program of Holding Your Breath Until August.

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