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Exclusive Video: Spencer Hawes Contract Negotiations

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With NBA's free agency kicking off today, Sixers fans are combing the internet for any dirt - no matter how ridiculous - on the local Liberty Ballers' offseason plans. Now, we here at LB employ an inside source on a freelance basis, but we haven't heard from them lately. The last time was in April, when we acquired an exclusive conversation between Doug Collins and Thaddeus Young from inside Thad's bedroom. I just assumed our source got into a bit of legal trouble after that incident, or transitioned into the bail bonds or storage unit auction business.

But he (or she) is back. I found this tip in my inbox this morning:

"Spencer Hawes contract negotiations. MUST SEE!!!"

I'm sold. So we went through the normal haggling: One Remember this Guy player of their choosing, a celebrity guest judge appearance by Tanner, and five podcasts run by Jordan, Mike, and Derek.

So take a look at Ol' Spence's contract negotiations. You might be surprised.

Spencer Hawes contract negotiations (via whereisbenrivera)