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Rod Thorn Confirms Lou Williams Will Opt Out

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"But Andre --!" "Shut up, Lou."
"But Andre --!" "Shut up, Lou."

We sorta reported this to you guys a few months ago, but Tom Moore brought the funk and the noise on Twitter so we had to hit it up again. The offseason's here and that means it's decision time on a lot of guys. One such man is Louis Williams, who can opt out of the final year of his contract (worth ~$6.4M) if he so desires. Well according to Rod Thorn via our pal Tom, he desires.

Asked prez Rod Thorn if Lou Williams has informed team he's opting out of contract. "Not officially but he will," he replied.

That's not to say that the Boss can't re-sign with the team. In fact, I'm sure that a bunch of sweaty dudes in the Sixers front office are hoping he does. But he'll have the opportunity to explore the open market, where someone other than Philadelphia will hopefully overpay him and offer up a starting spot. There's not much difference between Lou and guys like Ben Gordon and Monta Ellis (especially 'Ta if you ask us) so I don't see why people shouldn't offer him the same non-restrictions as those dudes. POINTS!

I'll wait 'til I hear more concrete news before I pop any bubbly. The offseason train is right right right around the corner and before we can seriously delve into draft stuff, we gotta wait to hear what's going to happen with our current guys in limbo first. Simmer now, we're just about boiling.