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2012 NBA Draft: Andre Drummond Meets With The Sixers At Combine

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The 2012 NBA Draft Combine began on Friday, and Rod Thorn was there. I can confirm, because I saw him looking on, during the point guard drills. He appeared to be wearing a white – but, like, stained white – polo, which had to be three sizes too big. He also committed the ultimate fashion faux pas, by rocking jean shorts. But he was there, and that's pretty important.

Now for the interesting news. Steve Kyler, of Hoops World, is reporting that the Sixers were one of the teams who met with Andre Drummond.

Drummond is a lock to go before pick 15 – well before – so it's eye-opening that he met with the Sixers, among Portland (sixth pick), Charlotte (second pick) and New Orleans (first and tenth picks). This is probably just a case of Thorn and the Sixers doing their due diligence, but it certainly caught my attention.

Drummond is Draft Express's second ranked prospect and number three on Chad Ford's top 100.

Watch this draft combine interview, via Draft Express. (I feel like Drummond and Speezy would get along great).

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