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2012 NBA Draft: Community Board #2

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As the draft gets closer myself and the four other writers will convene for our annual draft board. But in the meantime, it's time to begin our community-voted Big Board, and start rattling off some of these rankings.

This is something we've done the past two years at Liberty Ballers. We present you a handful of candidates to vote on each day – give or take – and compile a community-based draft board, based on the readers of LB, and the readers of LB alone.

Last year we only did a top 10, and excluded a lot of the top prospects. But in 2010 – when the Sixers picked second – you voted on 30+ prospects, ranking Evan Turner sixth overall (we started compiling the Big Board in December).

This year – even though the Sixers are slotted to pick 15 – we're going back to ranking all the prospects, just in case the Sixers trade up.

We're going to bypass voting on the number one player – it's Anthony Davis. So, starting with number two, vote on which player you would rank second on our user-voted big board.