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Iguodala to Warriors Rumors, How's the #7 Pick Sound?

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Nate Parham over at Golden State of Mind stoked the Andre Iguodala trade fires when he asked me how interested I'd be if they traded him for a package around the #7 overall pick. After I got done dancing, this is how I responded:

I would remove any appendage of your choosing in exchange for the 7th pick. That's how much I believe it would help the team.

You know my obsession with draft picks ('specially high ones) so maybe Nate shared the same fervor? Nope, it looks like the Warriors are looking to get older and defensivier in the wing spot. Apparently "seven draft picks in two years is probably too many." I WANT ALL OF THE DRAFT PICKS.

From Nate:

Levin's deal does work in the trade checker and I offered to raise funds for the Levin for Sixers GM campaign so we could make this happen. The question, assuming he doesn't stage a fan coup, is whether Sixers management is quite so certain that they can't contend with Iguodala as the star player.

And then he runs a LEVIN 4 GM campaign, which I thoroughly endorse. At the very least, we're done with Monta Ellis rumors. Yay. Head over to the full article to see what other faux GMs think about trading their best players for the #7.