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Are The Sixers Interested In Jared Jeffries?

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Free Agency is officially less than three hours away. The Sixers brain-trust consists of Rod Thorn and Buddhist Doug Collins, so bad decisions seem inevitable. First, they were rumored to be interested in Jamal Crawford – which would be terrible. Now, rumors have surfaced that the Sixers may be interested in Jared Jeffries.

Jared Jeffries would have to accept the veteran's minimum to return but he is likely to receive a better offer elsewhere. Philadelphia, Washington, Charlotte and Phoenix are potential suitors.

Fortunately, Jeffries isn't likely to receive a hefty contract from anyone, but the Sixers shouldn't even be interested, in my opinion. He's 30 years old and doesn't really have any endearing qualities. He's a decent defender and possesses that "veteran presence" Doug Collins loves so much. Obviously, signing him isn't that big of a deal, but I'd rather take my chances with an undrafted free agent, or take a flier on a younger guy.