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Sixers Free Agency 2012: Qualifying Offer For Lavoy; None For Meeks, Young Or Silas

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Who farted?
Who farted?

According to John Finger, of CSN Philly, the Sixers made a couple of minor moves over the past 24 hours. First, Lavoy Allen is coming back, at least for another season.

Allen, drafted with the 50th overall pick last June, should receive a qualifying offer slightly less than $1 million. Allen could field offers from other teams, but the Sixers would have the right to match any offer.

Allen will become an unrestricted FA next season, if not extended.

Meanwhile, Jodie Meeks, Sam Young, and Xavier Silas were not extended qualifying offers. The three of them become unrestricted free agents.

Sixers team president confirmed that the team has not made a qualifying offer to Jodie Meeks, Sam Young or Xavier Silas.

So far, so good. These were all the correct moves, in my opinion. Meeks presents a decent value, given his skillset, but at $2.7 million, he becomes very replaceable. Free Agency officially begins at Midnight. If the Sixers re-sign Spencer Hawes or Louis Williams and/or sign Jamal Crawford or Chris Kaman, we might as well abandon basketball for a few years.

Important decisions coming ... hold me.