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Three-Year Plan Forever: Kevin Garnett Signs Back with Celtics

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Kevin Garnett certainly had a resurgence in the Playoffs, namely in the series against the Sixers who had decided they weren't going to defend him. Despite not even having a first step anymore, he got hundreds of wide open jumpers and plenty of time to back down the intolerable Spencer Hawes in the post, and absolutely won that series for Boston. But he's 36 now and it looked like his time was up in green.

Not so! The Celtics have signed KG to a three-year deal worth $34 million to keep setting moving screens for Boston until just before he turns 39. Paul Pierce is around for two of those years and Rajon Rondo for all three so it looks like this Boston core will be together for a good chunk of time, still. I doubt they sign Ray Allen again, but who knows with them?

What that means for the Sixers is... undecided. Avery Bradley is terrific, but I still think they have a lot of holes in a lot of places. Fab Melo isn't going to become their starting center anytime soon. Brandon Bass (player option) is bad when you decide to cover him, and Jared Sullinger can't form a frontcourt with KG, can he? Wait, can he? The Celtics aren't going to be title contenders during these three years unless they get more cakewalks to the Eastern Conference Finals and the Sixers could be terrible.

At least Boston, with the Knicks and even the Raptors, will likely be better than the Andre Iguodala-less Sixers. That bodes well for the contingent here who would like to rebuild and those of us who would like them to hold onto their protected first round pick they just traded to the Heat for Arnett Moultrie.