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NBA Draft Time Turner: If Not Moe Harkless, Who at 15?


I know you've all been just aching to take both Care of Magical Creatures and Ancient Runes so you all have a Time Turner easily accessible. Good, because we're going to do some rewinding in the form of the 15th pick in the NBA Draft. The Sixers selected Moe Harkless, freshman forward out of St. John's University. But if you could have, say, intercepted that envelope with Moe's name on it, whose name would you write instead?

There are certainly a few viable candidates. And I know some or even most of you aren't happy with the Harkless pick. He doesn't fit with the current team needs (I say again: "So?") and he's extremely raw. But even among the players who also don't fit the current team needs and are extremely raw, was he the right pick? I'm not sure, that's why I gave the draft a C+ (though considering the alternative, a 77 out of 100 is certainly looking favorably upon it, as I am).

Blogger fave Royce White followed Harkless, finding himself in Houston with Terrence Jones. Perry Jones III went 13 picks later to the talent-starved Oklahoma City Thunder. Tyler Zeller fell just two more picks to what would eventually become Cleveland. Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo to the Bostonians, and Doron Lamb, even, to the Bucks midway through the second round. Personal fave Quincy Miller caught on with Denver at 38. Plenty, and I mean plenty, of talent.

So turn the hourglass three times, hold onto your Hermiones, and travel backwards to approximately 9:00 EST Thursday night. If you see yourself, I urge you not to mention a Hippogriff.