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2012 NBA Draft: Doron Lamb Headlines Sixers Pre-Draft Workout

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I see you.
I see you.

Yesterday we talked about the five big men the Sixers worked out. Today I'll cover the rest of the players the Sixers have worked out, or scheduled for a workout.

Doron Lamb

There's nothing not to like about Lamb, as long as he's viewed with the proper perspective. He's never going to be a go-to scorer in the NBA, and although I could see him starting between two studs (Westbrook and Durant), he's probably better suited off the bench. Enter the Sixers.

Lamb would be a great fit starting between Jrue Holiday and Andre Iguodala, should the Sixers decide to keep Iguodala. He would also be a decent fit as Louis Williams' replacement – the facilitating, scoring, combo guard off the bench.

With an offensive rating of 127.4 and true shooting percentage of 62.4, he was one of the most efficient scorers in the NCAA during his sophomore year at Kentucky. He's a phenomenal shooter, often has good shot selection and takes care of the basketball. (It didn't hurt that he played with Anthony Davis, Terrence Jones and Marquis Teague).

Lamb's projected to go late in the first round. He would be a reach at 15, and unlikely unavailable at number 45, but if the Sixers were able to manipulate the draft – something they always fail to do – by trading down, purchasing a late-first round pick (always available), or using their two seconds to trade up, Lamb would be a great get for this team – either as a sixth man or starting two.

More after the jump.

Scoop Jardine

I'm sure most of you have heard of Scoop Jardine. I first saw him play against Bob Cousy at Holy Cross.

I see this as nothing more than a local work out – he's from Philly – for a guy who may or may not warrant a summer league invite. His upside is an emergency third point guard, and it's highly unlikely he gets drafted.

Dominic Cheek

Cheek was a nice high school recruit for Jay Wright in 2009, but somewhat underperformed in three years at Villanova. He cited the reason to forgo his senior season as "not enjoying college".

Like Jardine, he's likely a potential camp body, and not much else. His NBA upside is limited.

Kim English

English, like Lamb, was one of the most efficient scorers in the country last season. The Missouri senior sported an offensive rating of 120.8, true shooting percentage of 65.8 (15th best in the nation), and a three-point percentage of 46.

Now, don't get too excited, because English can't do much else. He had average size and athleticism at the college level – below average in NBA terms – and below average ball handling abilities. He's also very mediocre on the defensive end, despite his hard work and high basketball IQ.

English's intangibles, combined with his elite shooting ability should land him a role in the NBA. If you can shoot, know your role, try on defense and/or can be a good locker room guy, you're probably going to play in the league for a long time. English has all of those qualities. He's projected to go in the second round, and he'll be in play with either the 45th or 54th pick.

I'd be perfectly fine selecting English with one of the two second round picks, as nothing more than Jodie Meeks replacement – whose owed a 2.7 million dollar qualifying offer.

Alex Young

Young averaged 20+ points per game at IUPUI, but did so with very little efficiency. He was an intriguing scorer for moments in college – against lesser competition – but it's highly unlikely to translate to the NBA.

The things to like about Young are, his size and defense. He stands 6'6", with a 6'11" wingspan, and weighs in around 220 pounds. While he's not the greatest athlete, his length and size could pose problems for opposing guards – even at the NBA level. However; his technique needs some polish and he can go through the motions at times.

He's also a very good rebounder for his position – much like Turner and Iguodala. He's projected to go undrafted. He's another candidate for summer league or training camp.

Renardo Sidney

Renardo Sidney is bizarre. He's like a combination of Marreese Speights, Glen Davis and Ron Artest. If that doesn't intrigue you, I don't know what will.

He stands 6'9" and weights over 300 pounds. His measured body fat percentage of 22+ was the most fat recorded on an NBA prospect since Oliver Miller. Despite his blatant out-of-shapeness, his 3/4 court sprint was recently clocked at 3.55 – the same time as Austin Daye – and his no step vertical jump was 30.5 inches – the same vert Dwight Howard had in 2004 – so he's surprisingly athletic. He also has an impressive 7'5" wingspan.

To go along with his body fat, he has a plethora of negatives – both on and off the court. On the court, he's poorly conditioned, he doesn't always try, turns the ball over at an extremely high rate and settles for jump shots far too often, especially for a guy who weighs 300 pounds. Off the court, he engaged in a fist fight with one of his teammates ... in the stands.

He's projected to go undrafted, and although he has an intriguing amount of potential as a post player – both offensively and defensively – the negatives greatly out-weigh the positives.

Mindaugas Kupsas

yosoysean did some digging recently. Here's what he found about the mysterious prospect:

An interesting player on the Baltai team is the 2m14 tall and 20 year old Mindaugas Kupsas. The big kid from Joniskio has only a short career so far as he came very late to basketball. He was never a member of any Lithuanian Youth National team until 2011 and plays now solid 20 minutes per game on the Baltic League level. His offensive arsenal is still limited but you see a guy that is quite mobile and has a good touch. He nets free-throws at about 75% which underlines his progress margin in that area. He struggles some times to catch passes as his movements are still not the fastest ones and his game understanding is still in the making. He scored only 3 baskets in the game we attended but those looked good. Of course with his size, his presence in the paint is a great plus as he has a big body, still being a little chubby, and he should be able to put on more weight in the future. Kupsas is certainly a player to follow more closely as he has still a nice margin of progress left and could develop into a correct big man in the future for a higher level.


The list of prospects the Sixers have, or will workout is up to 12 – you have information on all 12, which I'll continue to provide as the workouts continue. We're 25 days away from the draft, when the Sixers own three of the 60 picks.

Here's how I rank the 12 prospects so far:

  1. Kyle O'Quinn - Ranks: ESPN (35), DX (41)
  2. Doron Lamb - Ranks: ESPN (32), DX (33)
  3. Kim English - Ranks: ESPN (64), DX (55)
  4. Michael Eric - Ranks: ESPN (UR), DX (UR)
  5. Henry Sims - Ranks: ESPN (45), DX (65)
  6. John Shura - Ranks: ESPN (82), DX (73)
  7. Renardo Sidney - Ranks: ESPN (99), DX (100)
  8. Alex Young - Ranks: ESPN (60), DX (93)
  9. Mindaugas Kupsas - Ranks: ESPN (UR), DX (UR)
  10. Scoop Jardine - Ranks: ESPN (UR), DX (UR)
  11. Terrence Henry - Ranks: ESPN (UR), DX (UR)
  12. Dominic Cheek - Ranks: ESPN (UR), DX (UR)
UPDATE: Apparently the Sixers worked out nine prospects while they were still playing in the Playoffs. Among them were: Zack Rosen, Scott Machado, Terrell Stoglin, Maalik Wayns, Tu Holloway, Temi Adebayo, Darius Johnson-Odom, Herb Pope and Ricardo Ratliffe. I'll have more on them in the next day or two. That makes 21 prospects total.