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Favorite Sports Highlight - Iverson Crosses Jordan

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I figure this is a good post for you Friday Nighters still hanging around. I was going through some old Sixers clips and I can't rightly put anything higher than this in terms of Sixers highlights. Iverson crossing Michael Jordan has no competition when it comes to the best.

I love Dwyane Wade talking about it beforehand. You just know that all the guards in the NBA have seen this clip a million times and it's like gospel to them. Iverson going up Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Everything from Phil Jackson calling out the switch to Jordan coming SO CLOSE to blocking it to Clarence Weatherspoon in the background... this is legendary.

Iverson over Lue is obviously a favorite as well, but my conscience can't rightly make that the best one considering they lost the next four games and fell to the Lakers in 5. This clip was so early in Iverson's career, with so much potential and so much weirdness ahead... I love everything about it.

It just really bums me out that the Iverson Sixers couldn't win a title. That would've been absolutely magical. But getting to the finals with Aaron McKie as your second-best offensive player is insane. That's Iverson. Love him to death. Hope we have a few moments like these in the next few years. We could use them.