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Sixers NBA Draft Grades

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Break that brim in a little. I'll get you a rubber band.
Break that brim in a little. I'll get you a rubber band.

It was a busy night for the Sixers. The home team selected Moe Harkless (#15), acquired the rights to Arnett Moultrie from Miami via trade, and sold the #54 pick to cover some overhead arena costs.

What do we think?

On the official 1 to Dana Barros Grading Scale, where does last night's draft fall? I'm hovering around a shoot-first Vernon Maxwell right now, but, like most things, this is subject to change. So while you all contemplate which Sixers point guard accurately captures your feelings on last night's events, let's take a look at everyone's favorite sports writing gimmick: Draft Grades.

USA Today: Pick by Pick Grades: Jordan's two second round crushes received some high scores.

CBS gives the Sixers a high mark: Just ordered "My favorite team is an honor student" bumper sticker. Now I just need a car.

SI showers us with upside kisses: I like it. Sixers are getting some love here. Perhaps my Mad Max grade was premature?

Depressed Fan: A slightly more pessimistic view over at DF. It's interesting to note that the locals are kinda "meh" towards the Sixers' draft, but the national media seems much more upbeat.

ESPN's Chad Ford doing his thing: Harkless getting another Trevor Ariza comp. And on a personal note, I didn't care for Ford spoiling every pick last night on Twitter. Leave something to the imagination, Chad. It's very unbecoming.

Spoke to my eight year old nephew this morning: "I give the draft a B, Uncle Dave."

Fox Sports gives the Sixers an A: "Philly didn't have a pick in the lottery and landed two studs. Exceptional draft work by a top-notch scouting organization."

Portions of last night's Liberty Ballers draft thread will be used in the upcoming non-fiction work, "Haters Gonna Hate: The Rod Thorn Story." (Penguin Press 2012).

SB Nation's Andrew Sharp is firm but fair: "It's hard to grade the Harkless pick since nobody has any idea whether he'll capitalize on all the potential"

St John's SB Nation Blog, Rumble in the Garden: Has a lot of nice Harkless coverage over there. Maurice had a big game against Duke this past season, registering 30 points and 13 boards.

Mississippi St's SB Nation Blog offers some quick thoughts: For Whom the Cowbell Tolls. Clever - I dig it. The great Miss. St to Philadelphia pipeline continues.