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Sixers Want to Sign Lou Williams, Spencer Hawes per Rod Thorn

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Though his opinion doesn't matter much, Rod Thorn still at least has access to those whose opinions do, and this is troubling. Per Tom Moore, the Sixers would like to hold onto departing free agents Louis Williams and Spencer Hawes. This is concerning and at the same time, not concerning at all.

First, why it's not. What else would he say? If someone asks him a question about two guys about to leave, he's not going to say "nah, they're toast". So clearly, at this stage in the game, they would like to give the impression that they want to sign them. There's really no point not to.

On the other hand, this would be terrible. Spencer Hawes (America) had a solid first few weeks before going down last season, but he was really horrendous after. With no offensive game outside of a few passes from the top of the key, average rebounding on both sides, and very limited defensive ability, he's not EVER going to be a starter on a really good team. If that's the case, there's no point in signing him here. Plus, he's going to command more money than I'd ever want them to part with.

Lou, meanwhile, wants to be a starter somewhere. I pray to Dong that it's not here, because his high usage, relatively low efficiency would not work at the front of an offense. He's a luxury on a good team that doesn't offer much in the way of defense and will ask for more money than Hawes, even. With Thaddeus Young already signed to a big deal to play on the bench, it would be terrible if they signed Lou to a similar ~$7M deal to do what he's been doing. That would define mediocre.

Hopefully it's just posturing, but with July 1st right around the corner, it's high time to play the Hold Your Breath game because some things are about to go down. How could you be Moe Harkless?