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2012 NBA Draft: Best Players Available In Second Round

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The Sixers selected Moe (Maurice) Harkless with the 15th overall pick. They also traded a future first rounder and the 45th pick in this year's draft, to the Miami Heat, for the rights to Arnett Moultrie. I briefly wrote about both players when the Sixers worked them out:

Harkless projects as a good wing defender in the NBA, a good rebounder, and a terror in transition, but it remains to be seen whether he will develop any type of offensive game.

Unfortunately – despite athleticism suggesting he should – Moultrie is an underwhelming shot-blocker and defensive rebounder. However; he's a very good offensive rebounder and can finish at the basket via cuts, offensive rebounds and alley-oops – things Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner would immediately benefit from.


So far, I give the Sixers a solid B.

Anyway, the first round is over, but the Sixers work is not done. They still own a pick in the second round. Here are the best players available from the prospects the Sixers worked out: