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2012 NBA Draft: Sixers Select Moe Harkless In First Round

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The Philadelphia 76ers have selected Moe Harkless, from St. John's, with the 15th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft.

Moe Harkless worked out for the Sixers, and ranked 12th on my 'top 35 Sixers workouts' list. Here's what I had to say about him:

Harkless is one of those guys scouts drool over because of his elite physical skill-set and athleticism. He entered the draft, despite everyone acknowledging his lack of readiness - projecting him as a late first round talent. However; in a development that surprise no one, his athleticism has him quickly rising up draft boards.


Harkless projects as a good wing defender in the NBA, a good rebounder, and a terror in transition, but it remains to be seen whether he will develop any type of offensive game.

I think Harkless is an intriguing prospect, but I see him fitting terribly with the Sixers, even if he reaches his full potential. If the Sixers lacked team athleticism and/or perimeter defenders, I'd be all for taking a flier on Harkless. But because they don't, I'll pass, unless he somehow fell to pick 45, or the Sixers back.

Moe Harkless went unranked on our Official Liberty Ballers Draft Board, and unranked on our Community Big Board. Draft Express has his 'best case' scenario as Trevor Ariza, and worst case as Devin Ebanks.

Here are a couple fresh thoughts on the pick:

  1. Surprised much.
  2. He's young and athletic. He can defend and rebound. He also has upside. A lot of Sixers fans wanted the BPA or BTA (best talent available), as opposed to someone who fills a short-term need and/or represents a "safe" pick. If you were one of those fans, you should like this pick. Yes, they passed on Perry Jones III, but he's far from a sure thing, and has a lower floor than Harkless. He also appears to have serious knee issues.
  3. A corresponding trade is almost certain. It will probably be Iguodala, but don't rule out Evan Turner or Thaddeus Young.
  4. Let's refer to Harkless as Mo Harkless III from now on, aka MO3 – it just sounds cooler.

Here's a nice scouting video on Harkless. Grade the pick below.