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The 2012 Liberty Ballers Draft Contest

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So many guys in this picture who will be drafted tonight.
So many guys in this picture who will be drafted tonight.

The 2012 NBA Draft is upon us, this time with more hopeful aspirations for Sixer fans than last year's ever so predictable selection of Nikola Vucevic. To get your buns all butterred up for tonight, we at Liberty Ballers decided we'd get you guys involved for the second annual NBA Draft Contest.

The Sixers will have three selections (as of now) in tonight's draft with possession of the 15th, 45th, and 54th picks. What will those three picks be? Well, that's what we're asking you to predict.

We'll be using the same rules as last year's contest, which are listed below if for some reason you didn't have them memorized.

  • Within the comments section, give us your three guesses as to who the Sixers will select with the 15th, 45th, and 54th overall picks in tonight's draft.
  • In case of a tie, the commenter who correctly guessed the 15th pick will get the victory. If there's still a tie after that, whoever posted his comment first will get the nod.
  • There is always a chance that not one of us will correctly guess any of the Sixers' picks tonight. In case that happens, list who you believe will be the top 10 picks. The person with the most correct guesses (order does not matter) will win. In case of a tie, the person who commented first gets the crown.
  • The deadline to post your predictions is 7:00 PM EST (the time the draft starts).

And what's a contest without extremely fabulous and glamorous prizes? If you end up victorious, you can expect your choice of Liberty Ballers swag, Mike's mustache comb and used Q-tips, Jordan's Ryan Gosling-signed copy of The Notebook, Derek's Superman underpants, Dave's shrine of all things obscure athletes and popular R&B singer Monica, or a picture of me wearing nothing but a jockstrap and a fresh new pair of the Jordan XII Playoffs. Is this not the greatest prize package of all-time?

Good luck guessing and let's hope for a great draft! 6 more hours....