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Draft Day 2012 Thread: Rumors, Mocks, News, Links

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Whether you're ready for it or not, the NBA Draft is upon us. There hasn't been a ton of non-Daryl Morey-related movement yet but today is sure to fill our sacks with trade booty and our booties with traditional Draft Day chicken noodle soup. The Sixers own the 15th, 45th, and 54th picks in tonight's draft. Will they move up? Down? Out? Discuss.

Feel free to post any rumors or moves here and we'll update the post with the transactions as they flow in. Obviously if it's Sixers-related, we'll devote a few frenetic posts to it. I'd also urge you to check out our pal (and LB mock draft #1 pick) Derek Bodner's mistress's website, Draft Express, for they have a new look in honor of Draft Day that will be nice as the night goes on.

This is the most exciting day of the year for basketball fans and there's a good chance a number of franchises will have their fortunes turn around with the right pick(s) tonight. Let's hope our woebegone Sixers are one of those lucky few.

Keep the name-calling to a minimum, watch out for fake Twitter accounts, don't post pictures of yourself pushing your shins together so that it looks like a hairy butt, and try to limit the fantasy world trade possibilities in which we deal Andre Iguodala for Nearly-Headless Nick.

We've got a thread to kick in once the draft starts but for everything pre-draft, here's where you'll be. Tonight's the night, Dex.

UPDATE [8:43 EST]: Chad Ford says the Sixers are trying to trade up for Terrence Ross, and their Big Board is as follows: 1) Terrence Ross 2) Jeremy Lamb 3) Arnett Moultrie 4) Perry Jones III 5) Terrence Jones

UPDATE [11:50 EST]: Woj reports that the Spurs are shopping DeJuan Blair to create roster space for Euro guys coming over. He's somebody I could see Collins targeting. Speculate?

UPDATE [3:13 EST]: David Thorpe hearing a possible Al Horford for the #2 pick with Charlotte is being discussed. Hm!