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Liberty Ballers 2012 Draft Podcast Replay

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For the second consecutive year, the crew here at Liberty Ballers – for the listening pleasure of all the sexy Sixers fans out there – participated in a Draft Eve podcast, which admittedly ran too long. I'd like to thank everyone who listened – it's much appreciated – as well as provide the link to the replay in its entirety.

We had a few callers, along with Mike, myself, Derek and Dave. Tanner was busy dunking on people at his local rec center.


And for those who don't have 73 minutes to burn, here's just a brief summation of what was covered:

  • Chase Utley
  • Jonathan Singleton
  • What it'd be like to hook up with Perry Jones III
  • Jamal Crawford
  • Andre Iguodala trades
  • Evan Turner's future
  • Prospects we want the Sixers to take at 15 (Perry Jones III)
  • Prospects we want the Sixers to take in the 2nd round (Scott Machado)
  • Prospects we DON'T want the Sixers to draft (Austin Rivers)
  • Rod Thorn's underwear
  • Christmas Trees
Again, thanks! Any feedback is encouraged.

(Just for fun, you can also go back and listen to last year's podcast, to see how prophetic and awesome we were).