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Hark! It's the Liberty Ballers NBA Draft Podcast

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UPDATE: Here's the link to the replay. Thanks for listening!

You've heard our voices separately from time to time (cue trailer voice) but never before have you heard them together. For the first time evvvvvver, Derek, Jordan and I will be entertaining your audio canals and talking NBA Draft on Blog Talk Radio. Here's the link. Here it is again. And once more if you missed it. Listen at 8:00 EST. Jordan's the one who sounds like he should be lead vocals on Death Cab For Cutie.

We'll be talking about everything from what makes Quincy Miller so cool, to why I'm the least funny person on the internet, to just how adorable Ricky Rubio is. Call in (347-324-5547) and our fashionable host Jordan Sams will put you on the line. Make sure you lead with "First time, long time" otherwise you won't be taken seriously. It's how talk radio works, people.

Dave and Tanner and hopefully going to call in a time or two so you'll get to hear them stuttering through a few sentences of thought as well. They just learned English so please cut them some slack.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys and not making any jokes ever none at all okay great! Again. 8:00 EASTERN STANDARD. LESS THAN AN HOUR, YANKS.