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Things We Know And Things We Don't Heading Into the NBA Draft

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"Who tooted?"
"Who tooted?"

The NBA Draft is tomorrow. Didn't you know? Read the billions of words we've written if you're in need of a catch-me-up. There are a ton of question marks surrounding this team, the biggest of which being who will be on it next season. Only 6 players have guaranteed roster spots and it's likely that at least one of them won't be a Sixer next season. Let's take some stock.

Things We Know

  • The Sixers currently hold picks 15, 45, and 54.

Things We Don't

  • If Andre Iguodala will be traded.
  • What the Sixers are looking for in return for Iguodala.
  • When an Iguodala trade would go down.
  • What effect an Iguodala trade would have on who the Sixers draft.
  • If the Sixers will stay put at 15.
  • Who the Sixers are seriously targeting at 15.
  • If Louis Williams will re-sign with the team.
  • What the team plans on doing with Elton Brand.
  • What luggage Spencer Hawes will use when he moves his stuff out of Philly.
  • I wanna know what love is. I want you to show me.
  • Who will be the GM of the Sixers next year.
  • Why Rod Thorn is still talking like he matters.
  • Where Pat Croce has gone.
  • If a new mascot will be brought in.
  • How the 2012-13 season player intros will go.
  • When Ryan Howard will begin his rehab assignment.
  • Seriously, Iguodala yet?
  • Why I fell to the Bucks at #12.
  • If Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday are really, truly franchise building blocks. (This is the saddest)

This is the first time in three years I'm not at the Draft (obligatory Evan Turner elevator encounter link). The last time I watched on TV, they picked Jrue. Good sign? Let's hope. Everything is more up in the air than George Clooney right now. I wouldn't be surprised if they took him at 15, to be honest.

We'll have more on it later, but there's gonna be a Liberty Ballers podcast tonight with me, Jordan and Derek. Tanner and Dave will butt-dial us if they can, and you're welcome to call in as well. Let us know who you are because I have no idea what any of you sound like!