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2012 NBA Draft: Latest Sixers News And Rumors

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Here's a quick update of all the stuff that's gone on today:

You will find a couple of important quotes and tidbits Moore tweeted throughout the day after the jump, accompanied by my Mikeeqsue 'Speezy Sez' translations:

#Sixers Thorn: 'I don't see us moving up (from 15).'

I can't find my glasses. Where am I? What's a Sixer?

#Sixers Thorn: 'There are two or three guys we really like at 15. We hope they're still there.'

I wonder if that girl from the bar is going to call me, even though I never even made eye contact. I sure hope so. Wait, you asked me about the NBA Draft? Same answer applies.

#Sixers Rod Thorn: 'Meyers Leonard is definitely in our mix (at 15).'

Even if Anthony Davis falls, we'll probably stick with a white guy.

#Sixers Thorn on 15th pick: "There are two, three guys that bring excitement to us. They may not be there. We're hopeful."

I wish it weren't illegal to trade up in the draft.

#Sixers Rod Thorn: "If we can get an athletic big who can rebound, help defensively and make a jump shot, that'd be a coup for us."

If we can trade Andre Iguodala for LeBron James, that may be something to consider as well.

#Sixers Rod Thorn: 'The scary thing this year (in free agency) is so many teams have money and are way under the cap."

*gets taser'd by Doug Collins for talking about free agency*

#Sixers Rod Thorn: "You'd like to get an athletic guy if you go big. Our bigs aren't super athletic."

Too bad Kenneth Faried was gone when we drafted a historically unathletic big man last year.

#Sixers Rod Thorn on Jared Sullinger: 'We are considering him (at No. 15). He is a talented player.'

We've narrowed our pick down to 'someone who can run in a straight line', at this point.

Rod Thorn: 'We're content where we are' at No. 15 in Thursday's draft.

Trading up or down would mean I have to pause my game of solitaire. I pause for nothing. NOTHING!