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2012 NBA Draft: Community Big Board #13

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1. Anthony Davis

2. Michael Kidd-Gilchrest

3. Thomas Robinson

4. Bradley Beal

5. Andre Dummond

6. Harrison Barnes

7. Jeremy Lamb

8. Damian Lillard

9. John Henson

10. Perry Jones III

11. Dion Waiters

12. Meyers Leonard

Illinois big man, Meyers Leonard, narrowly edged out Jared Sullinger for the twelfth spot on the Liberty Ballers Community Big Board. Both big man prospects are intriguing players, but unfortunately, neither worked out for the Sixers. I believe the Sixers tried to get Sullinger in for a workout, but they weren't able to, for whatever reason.

I expect Sullinger or Zeller to take the next spot, although my boy Terrence Ross is still chillin'.


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