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2008 Olympics Basketball Flashback: The Redeem Team

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With the 2012 Summer Olympics quickly approaching, and the 1992 Dream Team getting some love on NBA TV and the bookstores, I thought it'd be a good time to look back at a previously great basketball moment from the previous Olympic Games.

Since the Dream Team and Vince Carter dunk are undoubtably the most iconic basketball memories, I decided to go a different route – one that will surprise you, if you've followed my writing for any period of time.

Most of you know I despise the Los Angeles Lakers, as well as Kobe Bryant. However; as the biggest Michael Jordan fan in Henderson, Nevada, growing up, it's hard not to respect the player whose the closest thing to Jordan, since Jordan.

Many of you know I also hate the term 'clutch'. That's why it may surprise you that the Olympic moment I'm choosing to highlight is tittled 'Kobe Bryant's clutchest game'. There's just a something a little different when Kobe's being "clutch" for the United Stated of America. USA! USA! USA!

Watch the video here. It's a good one. I especially enjoy the crowd and Bruce Springsteen music in the background. BOSS!

Feel free to post your favorite Olympic basketball moment in the comments.

(P.S. Doug Collins announced Kobe's game. You better believe he texted the crap out of Kobe afterwards.)

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