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Sixers Get John Henson in SB Nation NBA Mock Draft

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He's pumped.
He's pumped.

In last year's SB Nation mock draft polling all of the NBA team blogs, we had a pretty little gift named Tristan Thompson fall into our laps. As we know, he would go 4th to the Cavs and now figures to be one part of the Kyrie Irving-2012 Pick triumvirate of basketball revival in Cleveland, not a member of the Sixers. Nikola Vucevic went to the Sixers at 16 (not the Bobcats at 19 as he did in the mock) and here we are.

We did it again in 2012 and, with the Rockets on the board at 14, I had both John Henson and Perry Jones III sitting there. I was going to have a difficult decision to make but thankfully Tom Martin of The Dream Shake snagged PJIII, making my decision pretty easy.

It's highly unlikely that John Henson won't go in the Lottery, but the Sixers will gleefully take the uber-long power forward from UNC in this faux-reality. Philly is lacking in a number of areas (most significant of them all being "talent", which I read somewhere was important) but none is more glaring than a low post presence and shotblocker. Spencer Hawes will be gone (I recommend excessive drug use to whoever's team signs him to $7M per), Elton Brand will likely be around for one more year, and Nikola Vucevic and Lavoy Allen don't figure to be anything more than solid backup bigs. Despite the lack of offensive refining to the 21-year-old Henson's game, he's too good to pass up at 15 and is pretty much exactly what they need.

Anything and everything depends on what the Sixers do with an Andre Iguodala trade (which will hopefully mean adding another pick), but regardless of what happens, Henson has a fannypack full of upside and fills a need. If he falls, the Sixers will be ecstatic. NOW FEED THAT MAN SOME CHEESESTEAKS.

There was plenty of talent still left on the board -- did I make the right pick on our behalf? I don't think Henson falls this far but maybe it's possible. Should I be the GM of the Sixers? Would a bunch of signatures do the trick? Voice your support below!