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Just Kidding! Danny Ferry Likely Taking Atlanta Hawks GM Job

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Remember that time we were making Danny Ferry shirts and commemorative dishware as Sixers GM? Right, may want to put a hold on those orders because it's looking like he'll be heading to the Atlanta Hawks to Generally Manage things over there. From Woj:

No deal was complete on Sunday afternoon, but there was progress toward an eventual agreement, sources said.


Ferry has also had extensive talks with the Philadelphia 76ers on their GM position, but his focus has strongly swung to the Atlanta job.

Guess Ferry didn't feel like being the figurehead for the Philadelphia DOUGCOLLINSES. All that stuff about Doug and his power seems like it rubbed Ferry the wrong way and they'll have to look elsewhere for a Puppet GM to replace the catatonic Rod Thorn.

Derek mentioned Dennis Lindsey (San Antonio assistant GM), Jeff Bower (former general manager of the New Orleans Hornets), Troy Weaver (assistant general manager for the Oklahoma City Thunder), Rick Sund (general manager for the Atlanta Hawks) and John Hammond (general manager for the Milwaukee Bucks) in his earlier Rod Thorn replacement article. Remains to be seen who'll come in next.

All this does for me is confirm the Doug Collins More Power era will happen, regardless of who signs the paperwork.