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2012 NBA Draft: Sixers Draft Strategy Should Be BPA

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This would be going REALLY big.
This would be going REALLY big.

The Sixers were a nice (and also nightmarish) story last season. No stars, plenty of defense, and a whole bunch of weird statistical anomalies. But the one thing that most of us can agree that they are lacking is talent. If they want to be serious contender's, they need better players. Especially with the likelihood that their best player Andre Iguodala will be shipped off (for poop and basketballs), talent needs to be the biggest concern going into next week's NBA Draft.

If the Sixers hang their hats on Best Player Available (save maybe point guard, and even then, if Damian Lillard slips...) and go with who can raise the talent level of this team. Also, upside should be at a premium. Though I'm happy to admit Tyler Zeller is a better player than Nikola Vucevic, that would be far too safe for the Sixers in the current position they find themselves.

Gotta go upside. Go big or go home. If Perry Jones drops, grab him. If Terrence Jones drops, trade Thaddeus Young and pick up the potentially more-talented Jones. If Jared Sullinger drops, despite the relatively lowish athleticism-based ceiling, you gamble on his health and pick him up. If you can move up and take Andre Drummond, for the love of God do it.

Can't be safe anymore. There's been too many safe decisions made in the past few years (Evan Turner, Vuce) and that's not how you build a champion. If they're serious about contending (of which I have my doubts), that risky, outside-the-box decision-making needs to start now. They're not in a position to draft for specific, positional need, because they need help at every position. Especially with as many as five key players leaving via trade, free agency, or the amnesty clause, they're in a place where they need to swing for the fences.

We'll see what happens in SEVEN DAYS HOLY HELL.