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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Jared Sullinger Falls Past Sixers

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Chad Ford, of ESPN, published the eighth installment of his 2012 NBA Mock Draft on Tuesday. Ford has the Sixers taking Terrence Jones from Kentucky – as he has in previous mocks. He also has the Sixers passing on Perry Jones III, to select Terrence, which I think would be a mistake. However; unlike Ford's previous mock, Chad has another intriguing talent falling past the Sixers, because of serious medical concerns.

A number of GMs are legitimately concerned with what their doctors found concerning Sullinger's back. They claim it's much more serious than what Sullinger's camp is saying. We will continue to try to get a handle on this situation in the next few days.

Still, there will be a certain spot in the draft where Sullinger's reward outweighs the risk. I'm not totally sure this is it, but the Nuggets need a 4 who can bang down low, so this might be a win-win for Sullinger and Denver.

I was never the biggest Jared Sullinger fan, and legitimate back problems constitute as a huge red flag for me. However; at 15, the risk may be worth the potential reward. I'd think long and hard about both Sully and PJ3. In other words, I'd pass on Terrence Jones.