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2012 NBA Draft: Community Board #7

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1. Anthony Davis

2. Michael Kidd-Gilchrest

3. Thomas Robinson

4. Bradley Beal

5. Andre Dummond

6. Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes ran away with the sixth spot on our community big board, with 57 percent of the votes. The second-highest vote-getter – behind Barnes – was Jared Sulinger, who had some interesting news surface about him this week. Apparently, he's been red-flagged by doctors. He's the type of guy – non-athlete – who could have potentially fallen anyway, but now there's a slight possibly he falls to the Sixers. Interested? I don't like him as a lottery pick, but at 15? I'd think long and hard about that – bum back, and all.

Anyway, vote for the seventh player on our big board.

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