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The Andre Iguodala Trade Conundrum

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It's been a weird offseason and also not an offseason at all. The Draft (capitalized for emphasis) is in a minute and a half, but the NBA Finals are still going. If the Thunder/Heat series goes 7 games, it would end just two days before the Draft starts. That gives us one day of true offseasonnness to prep for basketball's most important day of the year. Huh.

This basically means that Andre Iguodala, who we've discussed trading ad nauseum, will not be traded before the Sixers make their picks. There could be a draft night trade, but considering all the moving and shaking the Sixers have done in previous drafts (read: Catatonic), it's highly unlikely they'll break from their solitaire game long enough to do anything ground-breaking.

Yet everything I've said since the Sixers lost to the Celtics has been qualified with "depending what they get for Iguodala". Since they won't be getting anything yet, the Draft will be highly up in the air, and we could see another Evan Turner situation. In the 2010 Draft, the Sixers picked Turner before trading Andre with the intent that Andre would eventually be traded. Didn't happen, redundancy did, and here we are.

I know it's tough enough on the lording schedule makers, but the Playoffs running TWO DAYS up until the Draft (one day if it goes into overtime) is putting a major damper on moves that can be made pre-draft. I don't know if the solution is to back the draft up into July because that would tighten summer league ball and preseason camps. Or to make the playoffs end quicker (probably this), which puts a strain on already-tired teams. Either way, something's wrong.

I'm less confident that the Sixers will trade Iguodala now than I was two weeks ago, though I'm still 80% sure it'll happen. Whether or not they know who they'll be trading him for when they make their first selection next Thursday night remains to be seen. Hopefully we don't get another case of the oopsies before it's too late.