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Imaginary Andre Iguodala Draft Night Trades: Let's Hear Them


Last week, we pondered whether or not the Sixers were considering moving up in the draft. There was obviously some interest, otherwise they wouldn't have met with Andre Drummond at the Combine. Furthermore, there have been numerous writers around the league suggesting the Sixers were considering a move up.

I've gone on record, numerous times, saying the Sixers won't trade up. I just don't think it's something Doug Collins or Rod Thorn have up their sleeve. My opinion was justified slightly, when a report contradicting all the 'trading up' talk surfaced.

Saturday, Alex Kennedy of Hoops World, re-stated his thoughts on the Sixers, their inkling to move up, and the possibility of Iguodala being dealt, in his chat.

Would you be surprised to see the Sixers use the 15 pick and Iguodala to move up and get Drummond?

Alex Kennedy
Not at all. For months, league sources have been saying that the Sixers are going to shop Andre Iguodala. It won't surprise me if he's dealt. Philly met with Andre Drummond at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago, even though he's likely going to be a top pick. It certainly seems like the Sixers are trying to move up.

Nothing ground-breaking to see here. Kennedy is just making the same assumptions as everyone else. That said, we might as well have a little fun with it on this slow Saturday.

Kennedy also came out with a 'picks made available' column, as of Saturday. Your exercise: come up with one realistic trade including Andre Iguodala and a move up in the draft. Everyone loves these futile hypotheticals.

P.S. We had some discussion on Twitter whether moving up would even be worth it – another interesting talking point.