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2012 NBA Draft: Sixers Work Out Terrence Ross, Quincy Miller

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It's my mission to profile and rank every player the Sixers workout before the draft. As of June 13, 2012, they've worked out 21 players, to my knowledge. You can find my updated rankings here.

According to Michael Preston – the Sixers director of PR – the Sixers have scheduled three more workouts for Thursday.

Make the jump, where I write a little about the new workout-ees, and add them to my rankings.

Terrence Ross

Chad Ford has had Terrence Ross going to the Sixers in seemingly over a thousand mock drafts. He usually doesn't even bother to change his "analysis".

Jodie Meeks is the closest thing the Sixers have to a great 3-point shooter right now. Adding Ross would be an instant upgrade at the backup shooting guard spot.

Terrence Ross is a shooting guard whose strength is ... shooting. He also has pretty good size for the position and projects as an above average defender.

The downside is, Ross is probably never going to develop into a big-time scorer. He's expected to be pretty limited creating off-the-dribble in the NBA.

Ross is projected to go somewhere in the mid-to-late first round and he'd be a nice get for the Sixers. The benefit of taking a guy like Ross is the roster versatility he'd give the Sixers.

If they decided to keep Iguodala and let Lou walk, they could plus Ross into the starting lineup – between Holiday and Iguodala, while moving Turner into the sixth man role. If they decided to trade Iguodala for a big man, they could plug Ross into the starting wing spot, opposite Turner. Ross could also be a prolific shooter with the second unit, and his defense and athleticism would mesh perfectly with this group of guys.

(Here's a great scouting video on Terrence).

Quincy Miller

Miller was a big-time high school recruit who blew out his knee as a senior in high school, which somewhat limited his growth during his freshman season at Baylor.

In a lot of ways, he's similar to college teammate, Perry Jones III. He has the potential to be a great scorer, as he's blessed with natural scoring instincts and an elite physical skill-set (6'9", 7'1" wingspan, 36 inch vertical), but rarely scratched the surface – outside of his 29-point explosion against Mizzou. It's very possible that he underachieved because of his knee injury and/or his fit alongside PJ3.

The downsides to Miller are: his defense, questionable motor, and weak body. He's a good rebounder from the small forward position, but not power forward, if he's forced to play there – not to mention he won't be able to defend NBA fours.

He's projected to go mid-to-late first round, and has the same boom-or-bust potential as other prospects like Perry Jones, Terrence Jones, Tony Wroten and Royce White. I'm not as high on him as others.

(Here's a great scouting video on Quincy).

Mike Scott

Derek wrote a scouting report on Scott, for Draft Express, a few months ago.

His scoring instincts appear to be his most dependable skill to translate to the next level, which combined with the improvements he's made defensively and as a rebounder and his high work ethic and basketball IQ should be enough to get him some strong looks in the second round, despite his average physical tools and advanced age.

Scott's an interesting second round target. He has zero upside and he's almost 24 years old, but he's a guy who can come in and be solid as hell off the bench. He'll be an adequate defender, decent rebounder and occasional scorer. If Collins was ever looking for a Tony Battie replacement, this guy is it – you know what you're getting here.


Here are my updated rankings of the guys the Sixers have had in for workouts.

  1. Terrence Ross: ESPN (16), DX (16)
  2. Kyle O'Quinn: ESPN (35), DX (41)
  3. Doron Lamb: ESPN (32), DX (33)
  4. Quincy Miller: ESPN (27), DX (17)
  5. Darius Johnson-Odom: ESPN (59), DX (47)
  6. Scott Machado: ESPN (36), DX (49)
  7. Kim English: ESPN (64), DX (55)
  8. Mike Scott: ESPN (47), DX (56)
  9. Michael Eric: ESPN (UR), DX (UR)
  10. Henry Sims: ESPN (45), DX (65)
  11. Tu Holloway: ESPN (46), DX (51)
  12. John Shura : ESPN (82), DX (73)
  13. Alex Young: ESPN (60), DX (93)
  14. Terrell Stoglin: ESPN (67), DX (78)
  15. Zack Rosen: ESPN (79), DX (84)
  16. Herb Pope: ESPN (97), DX (76)
  17. Renardo Sidney: ESPN (99), DX (100)
  18. Ricardo Ratliffe: ESPN (66), DX (75)
  19. Mindaugas Kupsas: ESPN (92), DX (UR)
  20. Temi Adebayo: ESPN (UR), DX (UR)
  21. Maalik Wayns: ESPN (108), DX (77)
  22. Scoop Jardine: ESPN (UR), DX (UR)
  23. Terrence Henry: ESPN (UR), DX (UR)
  24. Dominic Cheek: ESPN (121), DX (UR)