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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Sixers Select Terrence Jones, Pass On Perry Jones III Again

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Last week Draft Express projected the Philadelphia 76ers will pass on Perry Jones III, from Baylor – this week Chad Ford, of ESPN, projected the same.

15. Terrence Jones, Kentucky

Analysis: The Sixers might have a tough choice here between Jones, Terrence Ross and Arnett Moultrie. They need size, but also shooting. Jones may be the compromise. He measured out very well for a power forward at the combine, has an NBA body and proved to be a solid rebounder and shot-blocker in college. He has tremendous upside if he puts his heart into it.

Ross, meanwhile, would give the Sixers the starting-caliber sniper that they've long lacked, while Moultrie is a long, bouncy, athletic big man who could stretch the floor for them.

Jones name has been linked to the Sixers a few times, and he's talented, sure, but there a few reasons I'm lukewarm on him for the Sixers.

1) He has a questionable motor.

2) Him and Thaddeus Young are semi-redundant.

Like Thad, Jones can hold his own on the offensive glass, but he's pretty bad on the defensive boards – from the power forward position. Like Thad, he also doesn't have a true position. I'm all for taking the most talented guy available, but not when his game resembles one of yourcore players. DX has Jones best case scenario as Al Harrington – which is a valuable asset, but not nearly as valuable when Thad Young is already on the roster.

I'd rather take a shot on Perry Jones or Arnett Moultrie. Even the other Terrence – Ross – fills a need.