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2012 NBA Draft: Community Board #3

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1. Anthony Davis

2. Michael Kidd-Gilchrest

The draft is only two weeks away – we need to speed this process up! It's been difficult to focus on the draft, when Doug Collins is blasting 'Power', by Yeezy, in his convertible. Heck, we may not even own a draft pick, if Doug Collins gets his way. 15, 45 and 54 to Team Turkey for Andres Nocioni, anyone?

Anyway, you guys know the drill. Vote on which player you would most like the Philadelphia 76ers to select with the third overall pick, assuming the first two players on the Liberty Balers draft board – Anthony Davis and MKG – are no longer available.

MKG barely earned the second spot on our community board, edging out Thomas Robinson by a grand total of seven votes. Why take another wing player, when you already have Jrue, Evan and Andre ... who knows! But this is our draft board.

Vote or die.