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Sixers Open To Trading 1st Round Pick For Veteran, According To Report

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According to Sam Amico, from Fox Sports, the Philadelphia 76ers are open to trading their 2012 first round pick (15th overall) in exchange for "a veteran".

The 76ers (No. 15) are also open to trading out of the first round for a veteran, as are the Rockets with their second first-rounder (No. 16), multiple sources have said.

So it begins.

This news should not surprise anyone. I've had people asking me on Twitter why I'm so adamant that the Sixers won't trade up in the draft. This is why. Doug Collins is the guy calling the shots, and I think the last thing he wants is another young, unproven player -- especially someone in the mold of Andre Drummond.

If history tells us anything, the Doug Collins will be sending mass texts around the league, reading: "Sixers first round pick available. Asking for a veteran in return. Specifically one with toughness, killer instinct, intangibles, and no real basketball skills whatsoever. Basically, we want Tony Battie. Any takers?"

Get comfortable in mediocreville -- we might be here a little longer.