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Report: Doug Collins Wants More Power, Rod Thorn Replaced

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Is this the look of a guy who should have more power?
Is this the look of a guy who should have more power?

It's been a busy day. Early Tuesday morning, Derek reported that the Sixers were looking into candidates to replace Rod Thorn. A few hours later it appeared the search had narrowed to Danny Ferry -- formerly of the Cleveland Cavilers and San Antonio Spurs. Now, Adrian Wojnarowski, of Yahoo! Sports, is reporting that Doug Collins wants "increased organizational power" and has been "the driving force" behind the search to replace Thorn.

The Thorn-Collins relationship has been problematic for the franchise for two years, and it grew more strained this past season with the departure of GM Ed Stefanski, who had served as a buffer between the executive and coach.


Collins wants increased power, sources said, and ultimately wants a new GM to answer to him.


Around the 76ers, many have been impressed with the grace and ease with which Thorn has handled the situation. Several sources say Thorn, 71, is at peace with the inevitable ending of his front-office run in the NBA.

This should come as no surprise to those who follow the blog. Derek, Mike and myself have been echoing the sentiment that Collins is ultimately calling the shots for a while now -- it's the reason I have been adamant that the Sixers aren't trading up in the draft, nor re-building, for as long as Collins is around.

I've never been a Rod Thorn supporter, but I don't trust Collins at the helm either. Danny Ferry will clearly be hired as a 'yes man'.

It sounds like things are going to get worse before they will get better. The only light at the end of the tunnel is the potential of Jason Levien taking over once the Collins/Ferry era bursts into flames.

Like it or not, this is Doug Collins world -- we just live in it.