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76ers interviewing replacements for Rod Thorn

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The previously rumored news that Rod Thorn was considering retirement is gaining traction, with the first stages of finding a replacement in process.

Bob Cooney is reporting that the Sixers are set to begin interviews to find Thorn's replacement, gaining permission to talk to several executives. Adam Aron, Josh Harris, Doug Collins and outgoing Rod Thorn will be the primary interviewers on the Sixers side.

I have confirmed with a source that the interview process is in motion and moving forward.

According to Cooney, likely candidates would be Danny Ferry (San Antonio vice president of operations), Dennis Lindsey (San Antonio assistant GM), Jeff Bower (former general manager of the New Orleans Hornets), Troy Weaver (assistant general manager for the Oklahoma City Thunder), Rick Sund (general manager for the Atlanta Hawks) and John Hammond (general manager for the Milwaukee Bucks).

Cooney also went on to say that replacing Thorn could take up to the remainder of the 1 year they have left on the contract, and that Thorn will then slide into a 5 year part-time consultant role, a pre-existing condition in Thorn's contract.

It appears that Jason Levien, part of the ownership group that bought the Sixers last year and former assistant general manager of the Sacramento Kings, isn't likely to try to step into the role.