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Sixers Vs. Bulls Game Six: Doug Collins Hints at Jodie Meeks Getting More Minutes


There's been nothing more in flux than the starting lineup card for Doug Collins. The rotations got bigger, smaller, included Lavoy Allen, benched Nikola Vucevic, the Evan/Jodie thing forever -- even our very own TOASTIONI started a game. So it's not exactly a shock that Tom Moore reports Doug is pimping up more minutes for Jodie Meeks in Game Six.

'It might be a game tomorrow where Jodie gets more minutes.' - Collins

The Sixers are shooting a whopping 21.5% from beyond the arc this series, and just 17% if you take out Game Two. This was A-Okay when the whistles were blowing, but then the whistles stopped (that's gotta be the name of a documentary somewhere), and the need for three-pointers has become obviously pressing. But is playing Jodie more minutes the best idea?

One part of the problem is that Jodie has been, well, terrible lately. Since April 8th, Jodie is shooting 15.6% from beyond the arc. That includes the Milwaukee game where he scored 27 points on a downtrodden Bucks defense. He's played less than 30 minutes total this series, so he's not been able to get into any sort of rhythm offensively.

Also, who would he take minutes from?

It seems like Dre would be the obvious choice. Evan Turner is averaging 35 per game, Andre Iguodala 40 per game (!), and Boss is at 26. Considering how absolutely horrendous Iguodala was in Game Five, I wouldn't be surprised to see Doug keep him on the bench for a good chunk of time. He's unquestionably the team's best chance at containing Luol Deng, but the offense has (seriously, this time) been hindered by his terrible shot selection lately. Plus he thinks he's Kobe. Obviously.

So despite Jodie's defensive inefficiencies, I'm happy to see him get 15-20 minutes in Game Six. Iguodala needs the rest (and has been bad), Turner can be serviceable on Deng, and offense is at a premium nowadays. As long as we don't see Jodie and Lou on the court together (pause for nausea), it's not a bad idea to hope he strings a few three's together.

At least Orestes will be happy. Now back to your veggies!

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