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Finding the Right Words for Sixers Loss to Bulls

This is a keeper.
This is a keeper.

There's something to finding the perfect word. It's like a key -- you try a bunch of different ones before one slides right in. I've been trying to find the right key for the Sixers loss last night at the hands of the depleted Chicago Bulls. Not just any loss -- a 26 points in the first half loss. A 32% shooting loss. A how-did-they-only-lose-by-8 loss.

The humanoids who had the misfortune of watching this game with their eyes open have to articulate just how moving this game was. The record books need to document what it was like to watch the worst-played offensive game of all time (hyperbole, go with it) and it's up to us to give it to them.

The adjective can be a phrase (i.e. "detestably unpleasant") or even a metaphor ("like watching your husband/wife explode, only slowly and with more Spencer Hawes") I'll get us started with one of the wrong keys. "Unhygienic."

I want everybody to submit AT LEAST ONE adjective or phrase because this should be a team-building exercise as we all try to get through this terrible time together (alliteration frenzy). I need full participation here, otherwise your parents will be informed on your report cards. Be sure to "rec" the ones you like so they're nice and green for everybody as they scroll through the comments. Words!

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