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Some Pre Game Five Things for Sixers and Bulls


The Sixers and Bulls will play Battleship against each other tonight in Game Five of their series. Doug's the player, Jrue Holiday is the aircraft carrier, Evan Turner is the submarine, Elton Brand is the destroyer, Andre Iguodala is the patrol boat, and Spencer Hawes is the battleship. OF COURSE HE'S THE BATTLESHIP. (Taylor Kitsch is nothing. Except maybe Tim Riggins. He can be Tim Riggins.)

Here are some other things to look at or think on prior to engaging in tonight's festivities.

  • KC Johnson says the Bulls are in Funeral Mode. That sounds awfully morbid for, you know, a basketball game. But hey - if you want to metaphor sports with death, then man I got a Cole Hamels/undertaker reference just waiting to be unleashed. Not that Undertaker.
  • This is a video of Hitler responding to Derrick Rose's ACL tear. Yes, that Hitler. I can't imagine what he said about Joakim Noah's ankle. Somebody hide Luol Deng's wrist -- quick.
  • "How the hell am I supposed to make my teammates better by practice?" - relive it.
  • Matt from Blog a Bull and I did some gchatting and we came to a consensus. Simultaneously, I was gchatting (gcheating?) with Dave about poop. Dweeb weighed in.
  • Tom Moore's got your playoff interviews, if you're interested in seeing humans say words.
  • "You don't worry about the end of the game. I'm more worried about the beginning and the middle." - from Evan Turner, proving why he'll never be a screenwriter.
  • Tim Legler picks the Bulls and Hawks to win tonight. So get the champagne ready!
  • "I don't want to get ahead of myself here" - me, getting ahead of myself, but the Celtics are healthy. Like stupid healthy. If the Sixers and C's match up next round. Expect things to start tearing.
  • Sixers/Bulls starts at 9:30 Eastern time, 6:30 Pacific, and 7fsndf83 for those of you living in an alternate dimension.
  • If you haven't seen the Avengers yet, then you're probably the only one who hasn't. Go to the movies, then come back for the thread. We'll likely be referencing it and I don't want to spoil it for you.
  • Girlfriend: "The Sixers are playing the Bulls again?!"
  • Peaches.

See you soon for the thread!

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