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2012 NBA Playoffs: One Game From Advancing Sixers Links

"Mmmm that tricep is exquisite. No wonder you're on the hottest NBA player list with me." -- Elton Brand
"Mmmm that tricep is exquisite. No wonder you're on the hottest NBA player list with me." -- Elton Brand

Earlier today, Mike guided all you Thundercats with updates on the extensive amounts of injuries that have occurred in this series alone, the most important being my jammed finger. No worries, though, I had an incredible rehab session today so I'm looking probable for Game 5 tomorrow night.

We're about 24 hours from tip-off, which could be the last game of the series if the Sixers can close out their second road playoff win. While you're sitting around your basement waiting for Game 5, watching old episodes of Friends, why don't you catch up on some Sixers updates?

Sixers In Command Despite Poor Shooting - CSN Philly

So you're saying when a team shoots 39.2% or worse for two games, they usually don't win? Psh, I don't believe it.

76ers’ Evan Turner Says Bulls Won’t Go Away Quietly - Chicago Sun-Times

People freaked out when Evan said he'd rather see the Bulls than the Heat (how dare he tell the truth?!) but today he comes back with a quote that is near impossible to criticize. Go ahead, try.

Joakim Noah Ditches Crutches but Will Still Miss Game 5 - Chicago Tribune

My real question is, will he still have the boot on so I can see his toesies when they show the Bulls' bench? Important things, people!

Sixers' Iguodala Keeping Lid On His Emotions - Philadelphia Inquirer

Andre's been keeping his urge to kiss every Sixer who scores on the DL. Apparently, there's no kissing in basketball.

Inexperienced Sixers Aim to Close Out Series in Game 5 -

Evan Turner says "I'd much rather be in this situation than on the other end of it." How dare he say he'd rather be up 3-1 than down 1-3?!?!

More links after the jump.

Bill Murray Makes It a Sixers/Bulls Weekend - Philadelphia Daily News

He got to sit in Ed Snider's suite for the Bulls' Game 3 loss. So he's got that going for him; which is nice.

Family of Coaching Capels Happy for Sixers' Playoff Success - Associated Press

A little feature on Sixers' assistant coach Jeff Capel Jr. His two sons are coaches for college teams (Jeff III an assistant at Duke and former head coach at Oklahoma and VCU, Jason the head coach at Appalachian State).

The Origin of Allen Iverson's Practice Rant - CSN Philly

Yes, it was 10 years ago today when AI said the word "practice" approximately 129 times within 5 minutes. Neil Hartman sparked the whole rant and now he writes about it.

NBA Injury News: Baron Davis Tore Most of His Knee - Posting and Toasting

Another Knicks point guard goes down, the second one from a torn ACL (and then some in this case). This could be it for Baron's career.

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